Do You Poken?

First what the hell is a poken? In my eyes it is a small usb device with a small RFID reader that read back and forth from each other when you touch two pokens together. Then you ask why do I want one of those? Well think of a key chain that you carry with you. You meet someone new and would like to give them a business card, But you are out. What to do.. Write there info down on your hand? Get a napkin? How about pull out your poken!(insert joke here) Touch them together and BLAMO! You have all the info on them you want. Web site’s, Likened Account Info, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, you name it you got it. You can put only what you want the other person to see on your Poken. So for example I (myself) have direct links to Twitter, Facebook, And Myspace. All for different reasons. Also my phone number and P.O. Box address are on there as well. I know 99% of you out there are saying still “What the hell is a Poken.” Then you want one you will get one soon enough. They are a company from Switzerland with a great idea and a great product. I myself have a poken and tend to spread the word through the community and through my twitter community.


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