To LA And Back In 2 Days!

So it all started at 4:30am on Friday morning. Myself and Zac Damon were leaving to drive down to LA to see friends and watch Screeching Weasel play two nights. I slept two hours then picked Zac up at this place and he was already outside waiting for me. He did not sleep at all. This was going to be the best drive ever! Two guys that drank all night and then wanted to go to for an 8 hour car ride. Lets just say it was not good. we drove about 300 miles and took a nap, a well needed nap. Went to Zac’s dads house for dinner and then to Toddball’s house to meet up with friends to go see the first of two epic shows. Walked 5 blocks to the knittenfactory which is on sunset blvd in Hollywood. Lets just say there are some crazy people in Hollywood, of which was awesome! We got to the club a little late and missed the first band The Girls. Of which myself and Zac saw earlier this year in South Lake Tahoe. Another band that i was familiar with was on stage which i was very impressed with called Toys That Kill. You can download a bunch of songs from there website for free, Awesome! Then Ben weasel and special guest Dan vapid (The Methadones) took the stage! it was a sight to be seen. Then another special guest jumped up on stage. Mike from All American Rejects jumped up there and killed 6 songs. Speaking of songs…. they played songs from the whole catalog, even A few Riverdales songs.

  • Cindy’s On Methadone (My Brain Hurts)
  • Guest List (My Brain Hurts)
  • Cool Kids (Bark Like a Dog)
  • Got My Number (These Ones Are Bitter)
  • True Heart Of Love (Fidatevi)
  • Peter Brady (Anthem For A New Tomorrow)
  • Falling Apart (Anthem For A New Tomorrow)
  • My Brain Hurts (My Brain Hurts)
  • Acknowledge (Emo)
  • You Are My Sunshine (Thank You Very Little)
  • Everynight (Anthem for a New Tomorrow)
  • Plastic Bag (Television City Dreams)
  • Leather Jacket  (Anthem for a New Tomorrow)
  • First Day Of Spring (These Ones Are Bitter)
  • Mental Retard (Storm The Streets)
  • Last Stop Tokyo (Phase 3)
  • Dingbat (Boogadaboogadaboogada)
  • I Can See Clearly (My Brain Hurts)
  • Joanie Loves Johnny (Wiggle)

This is the set list as each song was played in this order. Listed In quotes is the album of which you can find the songs listed. *Some songs appear on more than one album.

  • I’m Going To Strangle You (Anthem for a New Tomorrow)
  • Science of Myth (My Brain Hurts)
  • This Aint Hawaii (Boogadaboogadaboogada)
  • Veronica Hates Me (My Brain Hurts)
  • Teenage Freakshow (My Brain Hurts)
  • What We Hate (My Brain Hurts)

Listed above is a encore for the night. After the show we went out to a crappy bar called Happy Ending. It was not to happy at all. It was full of retards in shinny shirts dancing to 50 cent.  We waited for Dan Vapid to show up and went back to Toddballs house for beers and whiskey. Let’s Just say it was a good night. I slept for 12 glorious hours! Zac was still asleep when I got up. We were all hungry as hell. What’s better that Roscoe’s Chicken And Waffles after a long night of drinking… the correct answer would be nothing! We all jumped to it. Showers, Coffee, And a 5 minute drive to the Hollywood location. OMG I got the #1 The scoe”s 1/4 Chicken and two waffles. It took care of my appetite for a little bit but, I got another waffle and at that point I was done! went across the street to Amoeba and went record shopping. I didn’t get anything I need to save cash for the ride home and another night of watching Screeching Weasel.

Zac and myself went and had some drinks at Toddballs house and then went to the show. We hung out with friends that drove down from Reno also. Tim and Shane that play in the Juvinals met up and hung out to watch the second night. Zac and I went back stage to enjoy some beers with the band and hung out with Dan Vapid. Swapped some stories snacked on some food and had a few beers with some of guys from Screeching Weasel and The Girls before the split to go play another show that night. We watched another show that will go down in history as an amazing show in my book! We went to a bar on Hollywood & Highland and it reminded me on the Hideout here in Reno. Had a few beers there and went home. At this point we were all very tired and drunk.

Woke up the next day to go have lunch with Tessa Young. We drove down to Cafe 101. They also shot Swingers in there. The waitress was covered in tattoos and had an attitude that sucked, but the food was awesome!!!! I got the Black Eye Shake and the blackened chicken sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries. Then myself and Zac jumped on the 101 north and headed home. Made a few stops and eight hours later we arrived in Reno. Went straight to the bar and had a few drinks. Then home!

It was fun and am thinking of doing it again. Maybe I will fly next time…. Who knows.


To A New Start!

I have had a great start to 2009… friends, drinks, and an all around good time. I am changing directions in life with the start to go see one of my Favorite bands ever. Screeching Weasel is playing in LA on the 13-14 of March. Myself and good friend Zach Damon are driving down there on Friday to enjoy some sun music and drinks with three great bands. I am pretty much standing beside myself at this point. I have waited a long time to see Screeching Weasel and this is it. LA here I come!